List of streets and the assistants who lived in them (1822–1910)

This list should be read in conjunction with:

Background information – the development of Greenwich and the source of the data
List of addresses (1822–1910)
List of individuals who worked at the Observatory
Historic maps of Greenwich


Notes relating to the list below
  1. Modern rather than historic street names have been used
  2. Only staff established by 1910 are included
  3. Post 1910 addresses are included (where known)
  4. Some individuals lived in more than one house on the same road
  5. Individuals who had retired and were still living in the area are listed and marked (Rtd)
  6. The addresses of those individuals promoted to the post of Superintendent of the Nautical Almanac, and remaining in the area have been included and so indicated.
  7. For some individuals, no address is known. For others, there are gaps in the chronology


Residents by Street

Amersham Road (New Cross)    William Witchell

Ashburnham Grove                    Henry Todd, James Carpenter, William Carpenter Nash,
                                               Herbert Henry Furner

Bennet Park                              Arthur Eddington

Blackheath Hill                          Walter Bryant, Robert Fermor Rendell

Blackheath Rise                        David Edney

Blackheath Road                       John Belville, John Pond

Blissett Street                           James Glaisher

Brand Street                              David Edney, Philibert Melotte

Burnt Ash Hill (Lee)                    Walter Bryant

Caterham Road (Lewisham)        Harold Newton

Charlton Road                           Walter Bryant

Church Road                             Frank Jeffries

Circus Street                             William Richardson, Edwin Dunkin, George Criswick, Herbert Henry Furner

Coleraine Road                         William Ellis (Rtd)

Conduit Vale                             Walter Bryant

Comerford Road (Brockley)        William Burkett

Crooms Hill                               E Walter Maunder, George Airy (Rtd)

Crooms Hill Grove                     Edwin Dunkin, E Walter Maunder, William Stevens

Dartmouth Row                         John Charles Henderson

Dartmouth Hill                           James Glaisher, Herbert Hall Turner

Delacourt Road                         E Walter Maunder

Dutton Street                            Thomas Ellis, Edwin Dunkin, William Ellis?

Egerton Drive                            Charles Davidson

Eliot Place                                George Criswick (Rtd)

Foyle Road                               Henry Hollis, Charles Davidson

Georgette Place                        William Bowyer

Glenluce Road                          Walter Bryant

Gloucester Circus                     George Criswick (Rtd)

Greenwich High Road                William Carpenter Nash, Edwin Dunkin, E Walter Maunder

Greenwich Park Street               Edwin Dunkin, Charles Davidson

Greenwich South Street             James Carpenter

Granville Park                            Arthur Downing (Supt Nautical Almanac)

High Road (Lee)                        Robert Fermor Rendell

Highmore Road                         Philibert Melotte

Humber Road                            Herbert Hall Turner

Hyde Vale                                 John Belville, William Ellis, George Criswick, Henry Hollis,
                                                Herbert Henry Furner, Philibert Melotte,

Kidbrooke Park Road                 Edwin Dunkin, William Thackeray

King George Street                    William Rogerson, Thomas Downs, Hugh Breen (Jun), Thomas Hudson

King William Street                    Herbert Henry Furner

Lewisham Hill                            James Glaisher, Arthur Downing

Lewisham Road                         William Carpenter Nash

Maidenstone Hill                        William Bowyer, Harold Acton

Malpas Road (Brockley)             Frank Jeffries

Maze Hill                                   E Walter Maunder (Rtd)

Montpelier Row                          Thomas Hudson

Mycenae Road                          George Criswick, William Carpenter Nash

Oakcroft Road                           Arthur Downing (Rtd)

Old Dover Road                          William Lynn

Park Row                                  John Belville, William Richardson

Park Vista                                 John Belville, Robert Main, Arthur Downing

Peyton Place                            William Richardson

Prior Street                               James Paul, John Belville, Hugh Breen (Jun), William Ellis

Queens House                          Joseph Evans, B.D.Evans

Royal Hill                                  William Richardson, E Walter Maunder

Royal Parade                            William Christie

Royal Observatory                     Thomas Taylor, John Belville, Thomas Taylor (Jun), John Russell Hind?

St John’s Park                           Henry Outhwaite

Sandbourne Road (Brockley)      William Witchell

Shooters Hill Road                     William Thackeray, Philip Cowell (Supt Nautical Almanac)

South Vale Road                        William Lynn (Rtd)

Trafalgar Road                           Thomas Ellis

Tressilllian Road                        William Carpenter Nash

Tyrwhitt Road (Brockley)             E Walter Maunder

Ulundi Road                               E Walter Maunder, Thomas Lewis, Henry Hollis, Andrew Crommelin

Vanburgh Hill                             William Ellis (Rtd), Frank Dyson

Vanburgh Park                           Arthur Downing, Philip Cowell, John Storey

Vanburgh Park Road                  Andrew Crommelin, Philip Cowell

Vanburgh Park Road West          Edward Stone, William Thackeray

Walerand Road                          E Walter Maunder

Walnut Tree Road                      Richard Thomas Cullen

Westcombe Hill                         Walter Bryant