Astronomical Regulator(s): Molyneux

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1874 Transit of Venus.


Photographed in Altazimuth hut at Greenwich, but recorded as being used with the Equatorial when on location.


1882, Jan 24, Movement taken by Dent & Co from the observatory with along with those of other clocks 'for the purpose of fitting them for use in the Transit of Venus 1882'. Molyneux returned April 17. (RGO6/283/615)


1893 inventory (RGO39/10/53) Clock Molyneux with flat steel pendulum in lower chronometer room under Great Equatorial.

1893 inventoryy Molyneux with wooden pendulum appears to have been ommitted


1911 inventory (RGO39/4/60&61) lists two reguators by Molyneux.

The first, is marked as Item 53 and is described as having a flat steel pendulum. Originally listed as being on the ground floor of the South East Building (ie under the Great Equatorial Telescope, its location has been struck out (undated) and the item marked with a C indicating that it had been condemned

The second is marked as Item 61 is described as having a wooden pendulum. Original listed as being in the Reflex Zenith Tube Room (in the Meridian Building), the inventory has been amended to show it in the Cookson Hut (in the courtyard) but when it was moved there is not stated. A note in the remarks column states in was 'overhauled & cleaned Order 880 of 10/6/1926)'.


c. 1939, Great Equatorial Dome, photo, in which the large cut-out can be seen (Humphry Smith Photographic Archive)


1955 report (p.21)

The Molyneux regulator from Greenwich was reconditioned and returned for use in the Astrographic dome