People: Abraham Ryley (Riley)

Name Ryley, Abraham
Place of work Greenwich
Employment dates
1708 – Dec 1719

Posts Calculator to Flamsteed

Died 1719, Dec

The first mention of Abraham Ryley comes in a letter dated 22 November 1708 from Flamsteed to Abraham Sharp, in which Ryley is described as a pupil of his former assistant James Hodgson who lives in Greenwich and is engaged in repeating some of the calculations by his domestic servant Isaac Woolferman. On 1 December 1709 in another letter to Sharp, Ryley is described as ‘a very Ingenious young man that lives in Greenwich and is ready att numbers ... ‘. On 14 February 1711/12, in a further letter to Sharp, Ryley is still working for Flamsteed and described as a neighbour. Like most of the calculators employed by Flamsteed, Ryley did not live in at the Observatory.

According to Joseph Crosthwait, Ryley died about six days before Flamsteed, which would put the date of his death as on or about 25 December 1719.


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