People: Isaac Woolferman

Name Woolferman, Issac (also spelt by Flamsteed as Wolferman & Wollferman)
Place of work Greenwich
Employment dates
1706 – Feb 1708/9

Posts Domestic Servant, Amanuensis & Assistant (to Flamsteed)

First mentioned by name in Flamsteed’s correspondence on 9 November 1706, Woolferman is described in later correspondence and elsewhere by Flamsteed as both his Domestic Servant and his Amanuensis. Together with some of Flamsteed’s pupils and those of his former Assistant Thomas Hodgson, Woolferman was set to work on some of the reductions associated with the production of Historia Coelestis. He left Flamsteed’s employ (with his consent), to become ‘a Conductor of that Team of Artillery, to Port Mahon [Minorca] with and allowance of 2s. 6d. per diem and a Gunners fee besides’ (RS MS798/67).


Further reading

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