This section of the website contains information about many of the individuals who worked at the Observatory. It is divided as follows:


Overview – a guide to grading and staffing structures

The Head of the Observatory – the Astronomer Royal / Director

The First / Chief Assistants and the Deputy Directors

The Assistant grades

The Superintendent posts

The post of Computer

The Industrial Grades – labourers, night watchmen, mechanics, gardeners, cleaners and others

The staff of the Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory

The staff of the Chronometer Department

Individuals – a guide to individuals who worked at the Observatory

Housing – a guide to who lived where between 1822 and 1910

A family concern – a list of families where more than one member worked for the Observatory

The Visitors – a list of those who served on the Board of Visitors 1831–1964

Chairmen of the Board of Visitors 1710–1964


Other pages that may be of interest:

Departments of the Royal Observatory