Ministry of Works funding (Ministry of Public Buildings and Works from 1962)

In 1951, the Ministry of Works became responsible for the exterior of Herstmonceux Castle. In 1962,the Ministry was renamed the Ministry of Public Building and Works, and acquired the extra responsibility of monitoring the building industry as well as taking over the works departments from the War Office, Air Ministry and Admiralty. As a result, the Navy Works personnel at Herstmonceux became Ministry staff. As a departure from the norm, the Ministry also took on the maintenance of mechanical equipment such as workshop machine tools as well as the buildings at Herstmonceux. Further research is required to establish what happened to these Ministry responsibilities following transfer of the Observatory from the Admiralty to the newly formed Science Research Council in 1965.


Other sources of funding of the Observatory

Board of Ordnance funding (1675-1818)
Admiralty funding (1811-1965)
Funding by the Research Councils (1965-1998)
Civil List funding (1752-1875)
Treasury funding via the budget for Civil Services and Stationary Office
Board of Trade funding
Private Patronage
Instruments on Loan