Transfer of the 28-inch Refractor from Herstmonceux to Greenwich

During November and December 1971, the 28-inch Refractor was transferred from Herstmonceux back to its original home at Greenwich, which by then, was in the care of the National Maritime Museum. The television astronomer Patrick Moore was present to record the event. As well as filming for his programme, The Sky at Night, Moore took a series of photographs on his personal camera. These were subsequently made available by him for wider use and are reproduced here, courtesy of him, from The Patrick Moore Collection.

Coordinating proceedings for the National Maritime Museum was Derek Howse, who at that time, was Head of the Museum’s Astronomy Department. Both Howse and Moore feature in some of the shots.


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Removing the object glass


Removing the polar axis


Removing the north pier


Removing the iron frame supporting the lower pivot



Waiting to receive the north pier at Greenwich


Lowering the north pier into the dome


Craning in  the polar axis


Patrick Moore and the film crew recording the event