A brief history of Chronometer testing and repair at the Royal Observatory

Evacuation to Bristol and Bradford on Avon (1939–1948)

Chronometer Section: 1914–1981 (by William Roseman)

A Place for Managing Government Chronometers: Early Chronometer Service at the Royal Observatory Greenwich (pdf). Yuto Ishibashi, The Mariner's Mirror, 99:1, 52-66, (2013). Alternative link



Extracts from the Reports of the Astronomer Royal relating to chronometers (1912–1964)



The staff of the Chronometer Department


Chronometer Trials

Rates of chronometers and watches on trial at the Observatory, 1766–1915

The treatment of chronometers at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (text of a lecture given in 1866 by William Ellis, officer in charge)