Royal Observatory Greenwich – postcard collection

Estimated date
Perkins, Son & Venimore (PS&V) / Perkins & Son (P&S)
Publisher's title
Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Nominal size
5.5 x 3.5 inches
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Other versions of the same image
Cards based on photographs taken on the same day

Amongst the earliest of the postcard images published by Perkins, Son & Venimore, it was produced in a wide variety of formats. Later versions were assigned the number 44. Following the departure of Venimore from the partnership in 19067, the cards were marked Perkins and Son. The colour series dates from around this time, those cards being assigned the number C44. A second photograph taken from the same spot just over five minutes later was also put into production as a postcard. It is much less common. Confusingly, the printed version of that card also carries the number 44 whilst the known photographic versions are either unnumbered or carry the number 145.