Royal Observatory Greenwich – postcard collection

Estimated date
Perkins, Son & Venimore (PS&V) / Perkins & Son (P&S)
Publisher's title
The Royal Observatory, Greenwich.
Nominal size
5.5 x 3.5 inches
Publisher/printer ref.
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Other versions of the same image
Cards based on photographs taken on the same day

Different examples of the printed version of this image card have different titles, differently divided backs and different coloured inks used for the wording. Accidentally or otherwise, two almost identical photographs taken just a few minutes apart were both put into production as postcards. On the photographic plate used for this card, there is a figure at the junction of the two paths which is absent in the second photograph. Despite the fact that the monochrome and full colour versions of the view both carry the serial number (505), one was produced from one plate and one from the other.