Orpington Astronomical Society Lecture, 24 November 2016


William Christie and his legacy

This page is intended to support a lecture given by Graham Dolan to the Orpington Astronomical Society at High Elms, Bromley on 24 November 2016.





People: William Christie, Astronomer Royal

This page covers Christie’s life and many of the changes that took place on his watch. There are links to the telescopes and buildings connected with him etc.


Abinger Magnetic Observatory (1923-1957)

This page covers in detail the background to the magnetic interference at Greenwich caused by the railways and the subsequent move to Abinger.


The Board of Visitors

This page gives details of how the Board was constituted and how it operated.


A guide to grading and staffing structures

This page gives details of how staffing structures changed over the years.


Links to topics not covered in the lecture, with which Christie was involved

The International Meridian Conference of 1884

This page gives details of the build up to the conference and how its resolutions were put into practice.


Longitude determinations (1888–1902)

This link takes you to the volume of results and discussions of the Greenwich - Paris longitude determinations that were carried out in 1888, 1892 and 1902.


Christie's retirement homes

For those who are into intersted in seeing for themselves where Christie lived after retirement, here are the postcodes of his houses:

Deepdale, Woldingham, Surrey, CR3 7HH

The Tower House, Downe, Kent, BR6 7JS

The Tower House has reverted to its old name Trowmers and is currently on the market with both Alan de Maid and Savills for just under £2,000,000.