People: Mondeford Reginald Dolman

Name Dolman, Mondeford Reginald
Place of work Greenwich

Employment dates
17 March 1856 – 1863 (RGO6/75)

Observatory posts 1856, Mar 17

Supernumerary Computer

Subsequent posts

Second Assistant, Glasgow University Observatory

Observer to the University of Durham


Died in post aged 24

Born 1842, Nov 25

Baptised, 11 Dec 1842, (St Alphage, Greenwich)
Died 1867 Registered, Q3

Known addresses

Blackheath Hill, (from baptism record)
(from census) 1851

Burney Street, Greenwich


8 Hyde Place, Greenwich


Born in Greenwich in 1842, Mondeford Dolman was the eldest son of George Dolman a carver and guilder and his wife Emma. Following the death of his father in September 1854, Mondeford was taken on at the Observatory in 1856 as a Boy Computer at the age of 13 to work on the 1831–1851 lunar reductions. Other computers taken on at about the same time were Edward Beresford Hanson, William Nash, John Richard Lucas, Charles George Talmage, and Malcolm Jason Brown. Dolman was one of eleven computers recorded as being at the Observatory on 1 January 1860 (RGO6/75). He is recorded in the introductions to the annual volumes of Greenwich Observations as having had additional observing duties from 1859 to 1863. He resigned around the end of 1863 to take up the newly created post of second assistant at the Glasgow University Observatory, under Robert Grant, at a salary of £100 a year. He was highly rated. At the end of January 1865, Dolman left Glasgow to take up the post of Observer to the University of Durham, where he died two years later at the age of 24.