Astronomical Regulator: Arnold 2


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Ordered with Arnold 1 which was identical
1774 Inventory of 14 December, both clocks described as 'an astronomical clock with Ruby pallets'. One in the transit room, the other in the Great (Octagon) Room (RGO4/309/2). A second copy (RGO/309/4) gives the same locations. Another copy (RGO4/309/5) gives locations as Quadrant Room and Great Room as does the copy in RGO6/21/130–134. The two new Equatorial Sectors by Sisson are now present in the East and West Domes (eastern & western summerhouses). The East Dome also houses a month clock by Shelton (with a compound pendulum and new ruby pallets) and two new assistant clocks.
1775 Inventory of 21 June 1775. Now installed in West Dome for use with the Sisson Sector. Arnold 1 still in the Great Room (RGO6/21/130–134

1849 8 Jan: Set away for repair from its location in passage room (part of Bradley's original Quadrant Room (RGO6/722/135))
1851/2 Fitted with Loseby's apparatus and a mercurial pendulum and the pallets re-jeweled (Papers of the House of Commons)
1872 Fitted with new pendulum of zinc and steel similar to that of the Sidereal Standard ready for the forthcoming Transit of Venus Expeditions (1872 Visititor Minutes (ADM190/4/377) & Introduction to Greenwich Observations p.xxv)
1874 Sent to Transit of Venus Station D (New Zealand) and used as Transit Clock (RGO59/58)
1890 At Greenwich, but no location specified. Used for 'occasional purposes' and described as having been suplied with a new zinc and still pendulum similar to the sidereal standard (Introduction to Greenwich Observations p.xxiii)
1893 May 10, Still at Greenwich, no location specified, and still used for 'occasional purposes' (Annual Report & Introduction to Greenwich Observations p.xxvi)


By 10 May, on loan to Oxford University (Annual Report)

Still on loan to Oxford University (Inventory: RGO39/4/60)
Still on loan to Oxford University (Inventory: RGO39/5/22)
1936 April 30, still on loan to Oxford University (Annual Report)
By  1937 Between 1 May 1936 & 30 April 1937, returned to Greenwich (Annual Report) and placed in Lower Record Room (RGO39/6/208)
1938 Sold to Messrs Clowes & Jauncey in May (RGO39/6/208)