Astronomical Regulator: Arnold 1


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1872/3 Wheel-train restored. Airy considering changing its gridiron pendulum for a mercurial one (Report to Board of Visitors)
1873/4 Moved to Transit Circle Room for use with the Transit Circle while Hardy was being renovated and then transferred to Shepshanks Dome to replace Earnshaw which was being lent for the Transit of Venus. Airy records that Arnold 1 was 'placed in the Transit-Circle-pit for use in observations of Circumpolar Stars, &c.' At this time, Airy was now contemplating changing gridiron pendulum to one of zinc and steel (Report to Board of Visitors). Despite what Airy wrote, Arnold 1 still retained a gridiron pendulum on 1 January 1909 when Christie compiled a list of clocks at the Observatory (RGO7/44)
1890 In North Dome, described as 'having contact apparatus similar to that in the clock Hardy, in order that the clock may, if required, be temporarily used in the place of Hardy or of the Sidereal Standard Clock (Introduction to Greenwich Observations p.xxiii)
1893 In North Dome (Introduction to Greenwich Observations p.xxvi)
In North Dome (Introduction to Greenwich Observations p.xxvi)
1895 Not mentioned in Introduction to Greenwich Observations
1896 Mention in Introduction to Greenwich Observations (p.xxvi), but no location specified
1906 No longer used as the reserve for the sidereal standard clock, Dent 2 having been repurposed for this role. (Intro)
1909 According to the Annual Report, between 11 May 1908 & 10 May 1909, it had replaced Graham 2 in the Thompson Dome, (Graham 2 having been sent to Dent & Co. for repair prior to being sent to Malta for longitude determinations on 5 Feb). Note: Arnold 1 is mentioned in the Introduction to the 1909 volume of Greenwich Observations (p.xx), but no location is specified. Still used as a with ATC when Hardy our of action (Intro)
By  1911 According to the 1911 inventory, it was one of two clocks in the Thompson Dome, the other being Dent 2016. Both had bee removed by 1926 (at different times?) and replaced by Dent 2014, which had been in the Astrographic Dome (Inventory: RGO39/4/60 & RGO39/5/222)
By  1926 In New Chronometer Room (Inventory: RGO39/5/222)
After  1926 Moved to Lower record Room (Inventory: RGO39/5/222)
1932 Sold to Percy Webster on 1 September (Inventory: RGO39/5/222)