People: Henry Todd

Name Todd, Henry David
Place of work Greenwich
Employment dates
1855–1856 (or later?)

Posts 1855


Born 1836


Died 1900? 1909?


Family Links Younger brother of Charles Todd who was employed as a Computer in the 1840s and Asistant in the 1850s.
Known Addresses 1856
14 Ashburnham Grove (RGO6/4 f73)


Henry Todd was brought up in Greenwich. From 1852–55 he worked as an extra Computer at the Cambridge Observatory where his elder brother Charles, a former Greenwich Computer, was employed as Junior Asistant. Charles returned to Greenwich as an Assistant in 1854. Henry followed him back to London in 1855 having secured work at the Royal Observatory as a Computer. In 1855, after his brother had resigned, he also began to undertake observing duties. These continued into 1856. No information is currently available as to where he was employed in 1857 and 1858. He is said to have returned to cambridge in 1859 apparently as a Computer. In March 1860 he took over as Junior Assistant at Cambridge, remaining in post until 1890? or 92?. His brother Charles Todd (later Sir Charles) is famous as the man who connected South Austrailia to the rest of the world via the electric telegraph. His grandson, Frank Carr, was Director of the National Maritime Museum when the Museum took control of the Greenwich site following the working Observatory’s departure in the 1950s.