List of appendices in Volumes of Greenwich Observations  (1835–1955)

A list of the previously published appendices to the Greenwich Observations was published at the beginning of each volume from Dyson's time onwards. This list has been compiled from the one published in the volume for 1954. Some, additions (marked (*)) have been made where omissions have been identified.





 Included under this heading are observations and special investigations not given as Appendixes but printed in that section of the volume with which the particular data are connected.

                  (Most of these have also been issued separately)


Volume Title
1836 Bessel's Refraction Tables.
Table of Factors for converting Errors of R.A. and N.P.D. into Errors of Longitude and Ecliptic Polar Distance.
1837 Logarithms of Sines and Cosines for every 10 seconds of time. (This copy defective)
Tables for converting Sidereal Time into Mean Solar Time.
1842 Catalogue of 1439 Stars for 1840, from Observations made in 1836–41.
1845 Longitude of Valentia (Chronometrical).
Plan of Ground and Buildings (with commentary).
Form Templates.*
1847 Catalogue of 2156 Stars for the twelve years 1836–47.
Description of the Altazimuth. Click here to view the first plate, click here for the four other plates and click here for the description.
1851 Results in Right Ascension of Stars observed by Dr. Maskelyne. (pp. i–xcix?)
Regulation of the Royal Observatory.
Description of the Transit-Circle. (Plate 1 is missing in this copy)
Refraction Tables.
1854 Description of the Reflex Zenith-Tube.
Catalogue of 1576 Stars for 1850, from Observations made in the years 1848–53.
Description of the Galvanic Chronographic Apparatus used for recording Observations. Click here for a high resolution version.
Errors of the Moon's Tabular place as deduced from the Tables of Burckhardt and Hansen 1847–58.
Reduction of Magnetic Observations, 1848–57, with reference to the Positions of the Sun and Moon.
Reduction of Deep Thermometer Observations, 1846–59.
1862 Seven-Year Catalogue of 2022 Stars reduced to Epoch 1860, from Observations made in the years 1854–60. 
Plan of Ground and Buildings.
Longitude of Valencia (Galvanic).
1864 Moon's Semidiameter from Occultations.
Planetary Reductions, 1831–35.
1867 Description of the Altazimuth. (Reprinted from the 1847 volume. 25 pp., including 5 plates and 1 blank).
Description of the Transit-Circle.
1868 Corrections to Elements of Jupiter and Saturn.
Second Seven-Year Catalogue of 2760 Stars for 1864, from Observations made in the years 1861–67.
Description of the Great Equatorial.
1869 Reprint of Halley's Magnetic Chart.
1871 History and Description of the Water Telescope.
1873 Regulations of the Royal Observatory.
1875 Numerical Lunar Theory.
1876 Nine-Year Catalogue of 2263 Stars for the Epoch 1872.
1877 Mean Temperature of the Air at every hour of the day in each year from 1849–68.
1879 Description of the Greenwich Time Signal System.
1884 Magnetic Diagrams, 1841–76.
1887 Reduction of the Photographic Records of the Barometer, 1874J16, and of the Dry- and Wet-Bulb Thermometers, 1869–76 (Meteorological Reductions, Part II).
Ten-Year Catalogue of 4059 Stars for 1880. For alternative link, click here.
Recomputation of the Position of the Ecliptic, and Corrections to refraction of Stars, Sun, Moon, and Planets, 1877-86.
1889 Observations of the Time of Swing of the Indian Invariable Pendulums.
1891 Greenwich Five-Year Catalogue of 258 Fundamental Stars for 1890. For alternative link, click here.
1898 Refraction Tables arranged for use at the Royal Observatory.
Second Ten-Year Catalogue of 6892 Stars for 1890.0. For alternative link, click here.
1899 Tables for reducing Transits arranged for use at the Royal Observatory.
1904 Meridian Zenith Distances of y Draconis, from Observations made with the Reflex Zenith Tube, 1886–99.
1907 Catalogue of Recurrent Groups of Sunspots, 1874–1906, compiled from the Ledgers of Groups of Sunspots, published in the Greenwich Observations, 1886–1907.
1908 Precession Tables for use in connection with the Greenwich Catalogue, 1910.
1909 Investigation of the Motion of Halley's Comet from 1759–1910.
1911 Ten-Year Catalogue of Stars Observed with the Altazimuth, for the Epoch 1900.
1912 Results of Reflex Zenith-Tube Observations made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich 1907–11.
1913 Catalogue of Stars for 1910, from Observations with the Altazimuth between the years 1909–13.
1917 Summary and Analysis of the Photographic Records of the Barometer, 1854–1913.
1920 Observations of Double Stars made with the 28-inch Refractor (1919–1923).
Comparison of Hansen's Tables with Observations of the Moon made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from January 1851 to December 1922.
1924 Determination of the Solar Rotation from long-lived Spots and characteristic movements of Sunspots (Greenwich Measures 1878–1923).
1926 Comparison between simultaneous records of the variation of magnetic elements at Greenwich and Abinger.
The adoption of a Standard Inertia Cylinder.
Determination of Time and Comparison with Wireless Time Signals from 1926 October 1 to 1926 November 30.
1927 Comparison of Magnetic Storms and Sunspots, 1874–1927.
1939 Reduced Observations of Lunar Occultations for the years 1943 to 1947.