People: Horatio Herbert Milborrow Kilby

Name Kilby, Horatio Herbert Milborrow
Place of work Greenwich

Employment dates
May 1911 – 18 Mar 1916
Supernumerary Computer
Born 1896
Died 18 Mar 1916 (age 20), on active service


HHM Kilby, son of Samuel and Susan Kilby of Greenwich, was taken on as a Computer in May 1911 and assigned to work for Henry Outhwaite who ran the Clerical Section. He signed up early on during World War 1 and died at Salonika in Greece (where he is buried) on 18 March 1916 whilst serving with the Army Service Corps (122nd Depot Unit of Supply). Of the 30 or so Observatory staff who served with either the Army or Navy during the war, Kilby was the only casualty.


Casualty and Burial details for Kilby from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission