People: Vinicio Barocas

Name Barocas, Vinicio
Place of work Abinger
Employment dates
13 Aug 1941 – 30 Jun 1949
Temporary Observing Assistant
1945/6 Assistant (Temporary)
1948/9 Regraded as Temporary Experimental Officer
Known Addresses 1947 Fair View, Abinger Lane, Abinger Common, Dorking Surrey



Vinicio Barocas with the Bamberg Broken Transit in the late 1940s

Of Italian decent, Dr Vinicio Barocas worked as an Assistant with the Time Department at Abinger. The image shows him at work with the Bamberg Broken Transit. He left the Observatory on 30 June 1949 to take up the post of Director at the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory where he remained until his retirement in August 1979.

Having unsuccessfully applied to the Emergency Committee in Aid of Displaced Foreign Scholars in America in 1939, Barocas came to England as a refugee. He was granted a Certificate of Naturalization on 8 Feb 1947 (HO 334/171/22771), the public announcement being made in the 25 April 1947 edition of the London Gazette, where he was described as a “Temporary Civil Servant” and living at Fair View, Abinger Common, Dorking Surrey.